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Our Yoga, Yoga for People Living with MS @ Studio B Yoga
Sep 5 @ 12:30 pm – Nov 21 @ 1:30 pm

This one hour class is designed for those with MS who are either independently mobile or who require the use of a wheelchair. The aim of the class is to improve core strength, balance and posture through both seated and standing poses. Participants may choose to do poses on a mat, seated on a chair or a combination of both. Gentle stretching, seated twists and moving joints through safe range of motion aim to keep the body limber and maintain functional abilities. A focus on expanding and calming breath encourages participants to maintain good body alignment as they move through the yoga poses. There is a guided full body relaxation at the end of each class.
Wednesdays September 5th- November 21st

To register: Please complete registration form here as it includes emergency contact information and our waiver. Or, call the MS Society at 1-800-268-7582 and a staff person can sign you up.

Fee: The MS Society is pleased to partner with Mari Newell and Yoga B Studio to offer these sessions.

Additional details: All props are provided by the studio. Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing.

**Sold Out**Postpartum Yoga Series with Nicole @ Studio b Yoga & More
Sep 6 @ 11:45 am – Oct 4 @ 12:45 pm
*This series is currently SOLD OUT, we have opened up a digital wait list in Mindbody, we will follow up closer to the date if spaces open up*
Nicole has designed these classes to nurture mom through the postpartum stage with a more conscious approach to healing after birth. Through movement, breath and meditation, you will get the opportunity to safely rebuild strength & stamina, relieve physical & emotional tension, and restore your energy level in an environment that promotes self-care. Babies in the pre-crawling stage are welcomed with the opportunity to be included, however, emphasis is placed on mom. Come and share your experience, connect and support one another in community as we celebrate motherhood.
*Best suited for women 4-6 weeks to 6 months postpartum until they start moving. No previous yoga experience necessary. You may join Mom and Baby Yoga 6-24 Months
**No refunds or makeups for missed classes
This series will help to:
  • Create a new foundation for better wellness & health
  • Stabilize loose joints and ligaments (hormone relaxin is still present in the body)
  • Re-train & tone the abdominal wall and aid in closing separation
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent incontinence and prolapse
  • Realign the spine and improve posture
  • Relieve physical tension in the neck, shoulders and back (due to nursing and carrying your baby)
  • Reduce fatigue and increase energy & vitality
  • Restore hormonal & emotional balance (prevent/cope with postpartum depression)
  • Promote body positivity, release expectations and develop self-care practices
  • Celebrate motherhood
  • Deepen the bond with your baby
  • Build a community of support and friendship with like minded women
Times: Thursdays 1145- 1245
Dates: Sept 6 to Oct 4
Investment: 5 classes $85
*No refunds or makeups for missed classes
Mom and Baby Yoga with Nicole @ Studio b Yoga & More
Sep 6 @ 1:00 pm – Oct 4 @ 2:00 pm
This series is designed for moms with babies that have begun moving around a little.
These classes build off of the self-care and healing focus of the postpartum series.
After giving your body and mind time to heal after birth, this class will help to build more strength and stamina and improve circulation and energy. You can expect to safely incorporate a little more movement and flow, and as always, finish off with deep stretching and restful relaxation to provide the body and mind with balance.
Focus is placed on mom, babies 6 – 24 months are welcome. Please feel free to bring anything you need to help soothe and occupy your baby.
FULL SERIES Prenatal Yoga & More Series with Nicole @ Studio b Yoga & More
Sep 14 @ 7:00 pm – Oct 5 @ 8:00 pm
FULL SERIES Prenatal Yoga & More Series with Nicole @ Studio b Yoga & More | Chilliwack | British Columbia | Canada
Nicole created this Prenatal series with the intention of moving beyond the ordinary by offering yoga and much more. Her goal is to provide you with exceptional guidance and address your individual needs in a supportive and social setting where your journey into motherhood can be celebrated.
With a holistic focus, Nicole, thoughtfully interweaves yoga, childbirth information, and heart to support you throughout your pregnancy, and prepare you for birth and beyond. Her additional training in fertility and postpartum yoga give her the expertise in keeping your entire journey in mind.
Classes will include the yogic tools of breathwork and meditation as well as a variety of yoga styles ranging from gentle flowing movements, supported stretches, and long restorative holds. This is a great opportunity for you to experience the benefits of yoga, sip tea and chat all things pregnancy among friends you are sure to form.
Recommended for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters with approval from a health care provider. Beginner friendly, all fitness levels welcome and no previous yoga experience necessary.This series will include:
-information/discussion on anatomy, wellness and nutrition*
-developing mindfulness and greater mind/body awareness
-therapeutic applications to relieve common pregnancy discomforts (low back, hips, neck, sciatica, acid reflux, swelling, etc..) by using specific yoga postures and stretches
-an understanding of the Pelvic Floor muscles and Transverse Abdominis (deep core muscles) and incorporating exercises to train and tone these areas to support your body in pregnancy and in postpartum prevention.
-stress reduction and deep relaxation using guided meditation and yogic breathing techniques
-creating Sankalpa (a yoga word for setting an intention of the heart) for birth and motherhood
-preparation of your body, mind and emotions for birth and motherhood by tuning you into your own innate birthing wisdom and intuition
-addressing emotions and fears surrounding birth and helping you to build confidence and trust using affirmation
-building heartfelt connections and relationships with your unborn baby and moms-to-be in your community
-implementing body positivity, selflove and selfcare practices.Investment $70 for 4 Classes

Time: Fridays 7 – 8 pm
Dates: Sept 14 to Oct 5
Investment: 4 classes $70

*No refunds or makeups for missed classes

*please advise of any food allergies

Autumn Equinox Workshop with Nicole @ Studio b Yoga & more
Sep 23 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Autumn Equinox Workshop with Nicole @ Studio b Yoga & more | Chilliwack | British Columbia | Canada
The Autumn Equinox marks the beginning of Fall and is when day and night are in perfect balance. The significance reminds us to strive for balance in all aspects of ourselves and is the perfect opportunity for reflection and introspection, a time to draw inward, dive deep into yourself, and refocus on what’s important and meaningful to you, and how we can cultivate more balance and harmony into our own lives.

Join Nicole for this 2 hour workshop where you will explore the significance of, not only the equinox, but  also seasonal and lunar cycles, and how aligning yourselves with these natural rhythms, can help to cultivate more balance in your life and improve your overall well-being.

*understand the significance of the natural cycles and the autumn equinox
*be guided through a dynamic yet deeply grounding yoga practice 
*explore guided meditation and breath work to help transition into a new season and energetic phase
*partake in inward reflection, and intention setting practices 
Sunday September 23rd / 6-8 pm 
Investment $35
early bird $25 before Sept. 1 
Be Chill: A Free Youth Program (grades 8-10) @ Studio b Yoga & More
Sep 25 @ 3:45 pm – Nov 26 @ 5:15 pm
Be Chill: A Free Youth Program (grades 8-10) @ Studio b Yoga & More | Chilliwack | British Columbia | Canada

Studio B Yoga and More in partnership with Chilliwack Restorative Justice and Youth Advocacy Association are creating and offering a free program for youth in Chilliwack.

Purpose || Engage and empower youth in learning sessions and activities focused on leading a balanced, mindful and healthy lifestyle.  We have incorporated the foundations and values of yoga with life skills to create an 8 week series.

How || Two Yoga Teachers and one Restorative Practice Facilitator who will lead the group of 15 through the series.  Starting in week one and alternating weeks thereafter, the youth will learn the basic values and practice of yoga.  Starting in week 2 and alternating thereafter, the group will learn a variety of life skills such as nutrition, balance, respect, honesty, integrity, and discipline. Every Friday will include a healthy snack, discussion and journalling time in a neutral and safe environment surrounded by a passionate and enthusiastic team!

Benefits || To engage, educate and empower youth to continue to explore their interests. To create new connections with participants, teachers and the community. To build a self-awareness and encourage a healthy mind and body.

Details || Every Monday beginning Sept 25 to Nov. 26th, (excluding Oct. 8th), the group will meet at Studio B Yoga in Garrison Village at 3:45pm – 5 pm.

Apply: Be Chill Application September 2018 Grades 8-10 Please print, carefully fill out and submit your application to Studio B Yoga and More or at the Chilliwack Restorative Justice and Youth Advocacy Association. Forms are available online at Please submit forms ASAP, we have limited space for this program.

Sound Healing & Yoga @ Studio b Yoga & More
Sep 29 @ 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
Sound Healing & Yoga @ Studio b Yoga & More | Chilliwack | British Columbia | Canada
Join Cindy and Sandra in a sound healing restorative yoga class. Move into gentle postures while experiencing the beautiful sounds created by Cindy and her many instruments. This special event will bring you to a place of stillness and calmness that only live music and yoga can offer. We are both very excited to be offering this special event to the Studio B community.
Cindy Babyn is a musician who studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory in Holland and who received her degree in music performance from the University of Toronto. Besides playing Western Classical Music, she also played on many festival stages across Canada in a world music ensemble with musicians from Afghanistan and India. Following her passion, she began to acquire crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, Hapi Drums, tuning forks, tanpura, and more. She plays live sound healing music for yoga classes, at massage therapy clinics, and for group sonic journeys. Look for her recordings on Itunes & Spotify under “Cindy Babyn”. For more info, please visit or connect with her on Facebook (@crystalmusichealer).
FULL SERIES Toddler Yoga with Daisy @ Studio b Yoga & More
Oct 2 @ 10:45 am – Nov 20 @ 11:30 am
FULL SERIES Toddler Yoga with Daisy @ Studio b Yoga & More | Chilliwack | British Columbia | Canada

  Join Early Childhood Educator Daisy in an 8-week series designed for toddlers ages 2 -5. This is a fast-paced playful class to keep active toddlers engaged. We will explore basic yoga poses, games, breathing exercises, story time and meditation activities. Benefits from toddler yoga include. *Caregiver participation required*

-Social development
-Sensory activities
-develop fine motor skills
-quality and bonding time with caregiver

Kids Yoga with Daisy @ Studio b Yoga & More
Oct 3 @ 2:45 pm – Dec 5 @ 3:30 pm
Kids Yoga with Daisy @ Studio b Yoga & More | Chilliwack | British Columbia | Canada
Kids Yoga is an introductory yoga class for children ages 5-8. Designed to be fun and playful. Daisy will guide your children through basic yoga, practice breathing techniques, crafts, games and will be introduces to meditation.
Children who practice yoga have seen benefits such as
-Improved balance
-Positive body awareness
-Boosted confidence
-More mindful and social development
-Increased concentration
October 3rd-December 5th / 10 weeks
· Wednesday’s 2:45-3:30
· $150.00


Pre-Teen Yoga with Dasiy @ Studio b Yoga & More
Oct 3 @ 3:45 pm – Dec 5 @ 4:30 pm

Pre-teen yoga is designed for tweens 9-12 who are interested in learning more about yoga.
Over the 10 weeks, tweens will learn a basic yoga flow to take into their daily lives. We will practice breathing techniques, guided mediation and of course have fun!!

Yoga has proven benefits from regular practice such as reduced stress and anxiety, flexibility and body awareness and improved concentration.

October 3rd-Decmber 5th / 10 weeks
·Wednesday 3:45-4:30

 *no experience required*

Yoga Chilliwack

We offer classes 7 days a week 6am-9pm, daily classes times and types will vary, check our live schedule.  Studio B Yoga Chilliwack offers a variety of styles of Yoga, as well as Pilates, Ballet Fit, Dance and Children’s Yoga and Dance.

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