Yoga and Wellness, by Darlene Kee

Yoga and Wellness, by Darlene Kee

Yoga is an essential component of wellness      Many of us are living an over scheduled existence. Week to week we juggle work, family, commitments and responsibilities. Often self-care is the last priority because we think we can go without. Yet...
Meet the Team, Darlene

Meet the Team, Darlene

Meet the Team with Darlene   What inspires you? Humans. How creative, generous, courageous and resilient we can be.   Why do you love yoga? Yoga addresses the whole person: body, mind and spirit. The wisdom of the teachings of yoga are a guidance towards a...

Meet the Team, Sandra

Meet yoga teacher Sandra! Sandra has been offering the Sunday morning class for close to a year now and helps cover for other teachers when she can! What inspires you? My daughter   Why do you love yoga, pilates and barre? I have done yoga for over 20 years and...

SUP Yoga with Monica

‘Sup? I am the first to admit it: my emotions are often connected to my environment. It’s something I work on all winter but once the sun comes out in spring and I feel its warmth on my body I fully submit, I feel more alive and I can’t help dreaming of being on my...
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