Meet KimMeet our Team: One Monday per month we will introduce you to one of our Studio B Yoga & More team members. Each segment will consist of a few questions and our team members’ answers. We are so proud of our team and so blessed to work with such wonderful people. Our intention with this project is to share insight into what lights the heart of each amazing Studio B teacher and team member.

Meet karma krew member Kim 🙂 

About Kim: After growing up in Agassiz and Harrison and then living and working in Chilliwack since 1986, Kim has just recently retired from one career and is embarking on a new journey following her passion— art. Her work is primarily pen and ink imposed on water colours and/or pencil crayon.

Why we love her: Kim is soulful and genuine. She has a kind heart, and a talented artist. Her artwork is a reflection of the beauty that exists within her, and that flows from her. She is the loveliest, kindest and easiest person to talk to. She is the type of person you can just go to; no questions asked. 🙂

What inspires you?

Nature and wildlife inspires me!  From the gorgeous sunset, the river, the trees, the birds and ALL creatures, to the beautiful deep darkness of the night.  I am inspired by the smallest insect, to the largest beasts!!  I love them all.

Why Yoga?

I need Yoga…. for health, for my spine and hips, for freedom and movement, and for peace of mind, acceptance of self and self love.  Yoga saved my life.

What is alive for you right now?

My artwork and a new love in my life is SO alive for me right now!  More to come on that note I’m sure!

What are you listening to right now?

I listen to music all day, I don’t watch TV and I listen to music from all over the world everyday.  Right now I’m listening to Elage Diouf from Senegal.  Hauntingly beautiful!  I collect CD’s from every music festival I go to. Music is also my passion!

If you could be any age at all, what age would you be?

If I could be any age at all I would be 58, which is the age I am right now!  It is where I am on this journey, and I feel privileged and blessed to be it!!

Where’s your favourite place in the world to be?

My favourite place in the world to be is in my tiny house right here in Garrison Crossing.  However I love Calgary and Vancouver, and plan to also travel extensively starting with Scotland, Ireland, Europe, the rest of Canada and of course Bali has a piece of my heart.  I also long for the open prairies……….

Do you have any interesting hobbies (all hobbies are interesting)?

My art is my business, my passion, my hobby and my life right now. I have many other hobbies, like music and dancing, and writing and needle work and sooo many others….. like food and cooking!!!

When you’re not working/teaching in the studio, where can you be found?

When not at work on the Karma crew, I can be found at home listening to music and painting… or doing yoga.

How did you find yoga?

I came to Yoga broken.  I am emerging whole.  I had no choice.  The Universe lead me here,

What is your favourite thing about being on the Karma crew?

As always, and with everything….. my favourite part of EVERYTHING I do is the people I meet along the way, some of the most wonderful of whom work right here at Studio B Yoga.  You are all blessings in my life.

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