We have been getting a lot of questions regarding a yoga class, Baby and Me Yoga Class. One of our inspiring yoga teachers, Darlene Kee, was able to take the time to write a perfect message about this special class. Thank you Darlene for being our teacher blogger this week and for offering a variety of classes at Studio B Yoga.  And thank you to Keisha and baby Ella from Loving Littles Blog for joining us for Baby and Me Yoga and blogging about us!Keisha Blog

“Be Playful” are not words that are easily embodied for parents.  With all the tasks, responsibilities and busy schedules of being a parent, it’s challenging to truly relax and play like the very children we’re raising. How often do we look at our children and wonder where the time went? Time is like a thief when we are not mindful of the here and now. Baby and Me Yoga is a class that challenges you to do exactly that. To stop, play and be like a child – to let go and allow yourself to be here in the moment. In this yoga class, you’ll be guided through poses that can include your children if they’re so inclined or enjoy poses on your own when your little ones are otherwise engaged. Yogis of all ages are welcomed here- babies and even your little ones that are mobile. It’s an opportunity to spend time with your children and introduce them to the gifts of this practice. It’s also a chance to meet and share with other families in the same stage of their lives, raising children and all that entails. Like parenting, every day the class can vary depending on the dynamics of the class- all the more of a challenge to Be Playful! We invite you and your growing family to join us this summer on Thursdays at 1015.

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