Homecoming….coming home….

I was away from my home for most of the summer, slept in a different bed, prepared my food in a different kitchen and shared my days with different people. I returned home after 6 weeks to my familiar spaces, my house, the natural setting of our town, the familiar faces. I felt a big sigh release from my heart as I settled back into the rhythm of my days here. Have the trees always been so green, the sky so clear blue, the impossible changing edges of the dramatic clouds? Daily routine and familiarity can slowly hood the eyes and color everything grey like the endless winter rains. Do I have to physically relocate for a period of time to see life anew? Mindlessness can so easily set in as we turn on auto pilot and move quickly from one task to another. Some days life feels like an endless list of tasks- with every one that gets crossed off, there seems to be two added. If we can switch the auto pilot off, we don’t have to relocate to change our lens- to appreciate the mundane as well as the spontaneous and exciting. When my auto pilot shuts off, the most delicious pleasures are so small, so simple like the sound of leaves in the wind, the warmth of the sun on my skin, the taste of a freshly picked tomato from my garden.

Getting on my mat is like coming home. I prostrate into child’s pose with hands touching in prayer, fingers pointed to the sky. I breathe in deeply and sigh out as I return to my sacred space. The clutter of my mind dissipates and my breath finds the space that becomes shrouded in the busyness of modern living. No longer does the to-do list hijack my energy. Memories and plans take a back seat as I return again and again with each breath. When we mindfully come to the mat and move with intention, the light in the stillness of being reveals itself. We are home.

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~ By Darlene Kee

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