Meditation has, for a long time, been something I’ve been drawn to, but something that I have continued to struggle with over the years. I struggle with keeping a consistent practice, despite knowing the many long term benefits.  Chronic pain issues have made it difficult for me to sit for extended periods of time. I prefer guided meditations, as I am drawn to the power of positive affirmations, but then judge myself for choosing an “easy” way of meditating. These frustrations and my attachments to them often derail the consistency of my meditation practice, which spirals into further judgement of myself. Recently a teacher told me “a half-assed practice will still guide you far.” The point being that there is no right or wrong way of meditating. It is a practice and we must begin to see it as such.

Often, in our Western culture, we jump right into new endeavours before doing our homework first and I was guilty of this at the beginning of my practice as well. Developing a sustainable meditation practice requires us to do some homework before we begin. The most consistent practice will include some research on different meditation techniques, choosing techniques that work for us individually and setting a consistent time and place to develop our practice. Ideally, it will also include some type of movement, like yoga, prior to meditation, as meditation requires a strong back and open hips.

In yoga, it has been said “Practice and all is coming.” The same is with meditation. Once we realize the long term benefits of meditation, and engage in a practice that works for us, we will more effortlessly sustain our practice.   Teacher recently told me “If you want a meditation practice, you must meditate.” But how? The goal is consistency.

The new year is the perfect time to set intentions, or goals, for the year ahead and to start a meditation practice of your own. There is an air of new opportunity and freshness. Make this your year to live more intentionally, with more clarity and awareness and the ability to respond calmly to the world around you. Start a meditation practice in 2019.

Unsure how? Join me in my meditation series this winter at Studio B Yoga. I will be leading workshops for beginners, for Christians, for Heroes and Healers, for pain relief and lastly, meditation and pranayama (breath control). Make 2019 your best year yet!

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