Meet Yoga Teacher Dee Monroe

What is alive for you right now?  Lucy and Salem coming to stay for a while, my trip to England, my yoga community.

What are you listening to right now, music or podcasts. Ane Brun-from Sweden, Tash Sultana, and old favourites-Eric Burden, Van Morrison, The Pogues, Patti Smith, Cat Power.

Favourite place in the world? My bed!! An open ocean beach- any open ocean beach, and I love sand dunes, and desert-I guess I love open space and hiking in the Rockies above the tree line.

What are you top hobbies?  My horse, Tony! Reading, walking, seeing friends, new places.

Where can I be found when not teaching yoga? At the barn with Tony, picking up poo, at home with Jack, with my kids/grandkids, having coffee/lunch with a friend.

How did I find yoga? I was fired from a beloved job, licking my wounds, went to a yoga class and one of those light bulb moments-that is want I to do…….!

What is your idea of an adventure?  A good hike with good friends, travel somewhere new, possibly wild and remote…New places.

Favourite thing about teaching yoga?  I stay fit doing what I love, people feel better a with yoga so it’s a feel good job, lots of flexibility- no pun intended, I can take it anywhere for as long as I choose, I am my own boss.

How do you practice self-care?

I like to go walking, or practicing yoga Nidra when I am feeling tired. Also reading a good novel, time alone!! And time spent with Tony my horse is very therapeutic!!  I just love animals and get a great sense of joy from birds, and squirrels and all critters!!  And cuddling up on the couch with Jack, my husband, watching Netflix or Eastenders or Coronation Street!!

Thanks for sharing Dee : ) Dee has a very special Yoga Nidra Workshop coming up on Saturday November 18th from 130-245, Yoga Nidra Divine Sleep. Link to the events page for full details and to pre-register!

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