Meet JoleneMeet our Team: One Monday per month we will introduce you to one of our Studio B Yoga & More team members. Each segment will consist of a few questions and our team members’ answers. We are so proud of our team and so blessed to work with such wonderful people. Our intention with this project is to share insight into what lights the heart of each amazing Studio B teacher and team member.


About: Jolene is a mother of 3, loves the outdoors, chocolate, and being with her family. Jolene lives in Chilliwack and enjoys running 1/2 marathons, soccer, and gardening. She sees the benefits Pilates has given her to be able to perform better in these activities and life in general. The classes Jolene teaches in Chilliwack cater to many different age groups and abilities of clients. With half the class being Standing Pilates and the other half on The Mat, clients get a total body workout based on the fundamentals of Pilates. From group classes to one on one, Jolene thoroughly loves teaching and enjoys sharing the benefits of Pilates. “It’s all about strengthening your core and I believe there is a class and level for everyone.”

Why we love her: Jolene is a prairie girl at heart and it shows through her kindness and genuine interest in how you’re doing. She is strong, passionate and dedicated. We love her for her wonderful teaching abilities and care for her students. She really sees the students in her classes and is very invested in making sure they are getting the most out of their practices.

What inspires you? Being challenged. Whether it is creating some kind of landscape in my yard,  running a race and beating my time, or hiking Cheam and seeing the wonderful view at the end. Kindness too. We all share this world and I love seeing people helping others with no strings attached.

Why pilates? Pilates challenges me to move and engage my body in ways that no other exercise does. I have done all sorts of activities, weight training, kickboxing, sports, however Pilates is an overall body workout that uses muscles we don’t even know we have! All by using our own body weight! I feel healthy and more aware of my body and love feeling properly aligned.

What is alive for you right now? Teaching Pilates makes me feel alive. It is so encouraging to me to hear clients tell me stories of how they can now do things they never could before because of doing Pilates.The start of a new year! Spring is coming and I get to get out in my yard! Truly my happy place! I also have qualified 2 years in a row for the Nationals for a fitness competition and finally get to go this year, so I am feeling alive in being able to compete at that level and push myself to be the best I can be.

What are you listening to right now? I like pretty mainstream upbeat music however there are quite a few artists that are writing music about being content with yourself/image and that is really uplifting to me. Alessia Cara’s song “scars to your beautiful ” has such encouraging, truthful words.

If you could be any age at all, what age would you be? Where I am at right now. Turning 40 this year but feel 25! I have enjoyed all the experiences that have brought me to where I am at and feel comfortable and content with my life. Young enough to enjoy all things but old enough to have experienced life a little with all its ups and downs.

Where’s your favourite place in the world to be? At home gardening, or cozied up to my wood stove with a fav hot drink.

Do you have any interesting hobbies (all hobbies are interesting)? GARDENING!!!, Soccer, Pilates, running, soccer, Pilates running, soccer and oh yeah socccer! Anything that gets me outside or active really.

When you’re not teaching in the studio, where can you be found? Grocery store! Its never ending! In my yard, soccer practice for myself or my kids, work part time at a restaurant, teach 6 Pilate classes during the week and weekends usually have 3 soccer games  between my kids and myself.

How did you find pilates? I was introduced to Pilates around 10 years ago. I wasn’t very flexible  (tight hamstrings from running and soccer) so decided to try it. Fell in love with how it engaged the different muscles in my body.

What’s your idea of adventure? Getting in the car, packing a bag and driving to wherever I want with no plans or expecations. Exploring all the fun activities BC has to offer. Highly recommend the zip lines in Whistler! Vegas sights and warm vacations are pretty awesome too.

What is your favourite thing about teaching pilates at Studio B? Teaching at Studio B is far more than just a job. We have amazing clients that we can speak into their lives, like-minded instructors that share our passion for teaching, a beautiful studio with the best location,and the most amazing ladies that keep us instructors organized,encouraged, and inspired. Thank you to Christie, Crystal, and Erika for all you do for me and enabling me to be able to teach at such a beautiful studio , and to the best clients that inspire me to teach them.

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