Meet the Team Monday!Meet our Team: One Monday per month we will introduce you to one of our Studio B Yoga & More team members. Each segment will consist of a few questions and our team members’ answers. We are so proud of our team and so blessed to work with such wonderful people. Our intention with this project is to share insight into what lights the heart of each amazing Studio B teacher and team member 

Meet Laura;

Laura began her yoga journey in 2006 to help her chronic back pain and found yoga very healing and strengthening physically. It was, however, the unexpected healing of her inner body that inspired her to step outside her comfort zone and share her passion of yoga with others. She hopes to share the encouragement to be authentic, loving and accepting of ones self and have a little fun too! She has been very fortunate to have practiced under the guidance of many amazing teachers and became a 200RYT under one of them, Leanne Kitteridge at Shibui Yoga in 2014. Always a devoted student of yoga she is continually growing through her own practice and learning new things to share. 

Why we love her?
Laura is very dedicated to her growth as a teacher. Her down-to-earth warmth is a great addition to our team. She leads with love and acts with compassion. Laura is eager to share her knowledge with her students and all the teachers in her circle. We love her enthusiasm about yoga. She is a true student and dedicated teacher. Laura has the best smile and gives the warmest, most loving hugs.

What inspires you?
My teachers inspire me to explore self study through the many layers of yoga with compassion and kindness. Teaching yoga inspires me to share these insights with others and to show up as my best self.

Why Yoga?
For me, my mat is a safe place I can come to feel connected, like a journey back home again and again.

What is alive for you right now?
Reflecting on 2016. There was some craziness happening in the world but I was fortunate to have a year full of learning through additional trainings, workshops and travelling. And thoroughly enjoyed and grateful to watch both my children doing what they love.

When you’re not working/teaching in the studio, where can you be found?
I also share yoga at some of the community centres, seniors, workplaces etc and work 1day a week as an automotive service advisor (I know, right?). Much of the rest of my time is filled with being a mom and whenever possible hiking with my (son’s) dog.

What’s your idea of adventure?
I was fortunate to have one of the biggest adventures of my life recently when I went to Rishikesh, India, the home of yoga. It was a magical place full of love, rich with history, ritual and simplicity.

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