Meet Mari!!!

What inspires you?

Being alive, celebrating every day and time with family, friends, my community, nature and the activities I love.

Why do you love yoga, pilates and barre?

I love the feeling of peace and well-being from the meditation and fitness.

What is alive for you right now?

Embracing the change of seasons, the crisp days and looking forward to a week in the sun with each of my sons, my mom and my son’s fiancé’s family.

What are you listening to right now, music or podcasts?

Ludovico Enaudi’s elegy for the Arctic, Thomas Myers anatomy trains podcast.

Where’s your favourite place in the world to be?


What are your top hobbies?

Yoga, hiking, ballet, snowboarding, volunteering with Rotary and the Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra board and sharing the joy of music with others.

If you could pass along a little wisdom what would it be?

Live each day to the fullest and make time to be with those you love.

What’s your favourite meal?

Indian food.

What’s your favorite book, essential oil, quote or all of the above and why?

Favourite quote:

“Healing Joy”: “Joy heals and cleanses the physical body and helps us work more effortlessly with a proper sense of values and detachment based on love. I develop strength in joy for others. With joy will come release and fuller service. Let love and joy be the keyhole of my life carrying healing energy to all. I open myself to the spirit of joy. Its radiance shines through me and blesses. The joy of the soul irradiates my life and lightens all the burdens which those I meet carry. May you invoke the joy of the universal spirit in blessings to all life.”

Although we have experiences in life which can cause us much sadness, it is important to seek out the joy that we do have and embrace it.

When you’re not working/teaching in the studio, where can you be found?

Having a cup of tea with mom, hiking teapot hill, cooking up a new veggie dish, serving my community with wonderful friends or playing my guitar and pursuing my living room singer career.

How did you find yoga, pilates or barre? I first attended a yoga class in the summer of 1976 at Kits House in Vancouver (before most of you were born LOL).  I had come out to Vancouver to work for the summer being part way through my nursing studies. Searching for ways to learn to cope with stress I suddenly found myself in an oasis of calm and peace after a good workout and I was hooked.

What is your favourite thing about being a part of the Studio B Team? The team is very supportive of one another and is reaching out to serve groups in our community that would otherwise not have access to yoga.

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