I’ve often felt myself blanketed by a shadow during the weeks leading up to the end of the year. I’ve never fully understood, nor known who or what to ask as of why it might be so. Perhaps it is the cyclical nature of the seasons, the position of the moon, or the idea of another year gone by.

In recent years I have become more interested in understanding how we are (when aware) in rhythm with nature, and affected by her ever changing currents of energy. There is a sacredness to the rhythms of nature, and I am so humbled by the idea of celebrating them.

Winter Solstice marks the turn of autumn to winter, and dark to light. It is the celebration of the return to light that excites me. Our sense of the ‘shadow self’ is heightened- not for everyone, but for a good few of us. I’ve learned that this time of year calls for a fair amount of reclusion, self inquiry and reflection– which doIMG_1600esn’t exactly jive with the outgoing nature of the holiday season, but this year has been especially busy in my world, and I have fully embraced hermit hood to make space for my shadow so that she doesn’t smother me.

I want to know my darkness; where it comes from, its relevance to the current state of my life, its power, etc. I want to reflect upon it as part of my make up. To know my darkness and to make peace with it can only enhance the brightness of my light. It teaches me, and from the teachings of my own darkness I can teach others.

The alchemy at work to return to light is incredibly magical, and something worth celebrating. Enjoy this year’s Solstice by embracing the longest night of the year with an open heart.

With love and light,


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