As the great mythical Lorax once said “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not” As each day goes by it’s hard not to notice videos surfacing from plastic ridden waters in Bali, to plastic straw and plastic bag bans taking place in cities all around the world. It is also hard not to notice the amount of plastics founds right in our own backyard. In the lakes, by the rivers, and scattered over mountain ranges. It can be overwhelming. It can make you feel defeated. But days like Earth Day can give us hope, as all across the world events take place and individuals collectively strive to do more to save this planet as it quickly becomes closer and closer to being to late.

The term “Zero waste” often seems scary to most. Even though it can seem daunting and sometimes it can feel to little to late, the good news is there is still hope!! Instead of doing a complete and unmanageable overhaul of your life all al once,instead begin to choose “reduced impact” options. Even the smallest individual effort can make a difference! These small steps might look like saying no to straws and to go cups and switching them out to stainless steel and bringing your own travel mug. Maybe it looks like remembering those reusable shopping bags that live in the back of your car and often forget about and switching to reusable fabric produce bags instead of the plastic ones. Or Maybe it looks like choosing package free options to avoid single use plastic, and purchasing goods in bulk in your own bags or containers. Looking for other simple ways to reduce the amount of plastic you use in your life? :

  • Start switching out products to package free options or refilling your own as you run out of things. Don’t worry about throwing out things you already have or switching over before its necessary.
  • Shop and support local
  • Say no to to go cups and bring your own travel mug
  • Have a small cutlery roll up with you that has a knife, fork, spoon, chop sticks, and stainless steel straw so you can say no to single use options when on the go.
  • Bring your own container for left overs or to go
  • Bring your own produce and shopping bags
  • shop consignment or second hand or choose sustainably made items when purchasing new.

Here at Studio b we are always trying to find ways to be more sustainable and to not only choose reduced waste and reduced impact items ourself, but are always hoping to find ways to make it more accessible to our clients! From the brands we choose to carry that are local and as passionate as we are about doing what we can for the planet to asking them to ship in little to no plastic packaging. We have also taken steps to implement strategies around the studio to do all we can to have a lower impact on the environment. We were even so grateful and honoured( and quite frankly shocked… which if you were there you would have been able to tell from our speech) to receive this years Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Award! Not that we choose to follow any of these standards for any sort of recognition, but instead because we truly care about what we do. If you have been to the studio you may notice signs here and there stating some of the things we do but if not here is a brief list of just a few…

  • We choose to use recycled paper, paper towel and bring it, as well as any other compostable items collected home to be composted. As well as offer towels for an alternative.
  • Any items that can not be recycled in the options we have here are take home and distributed accordingly.
  • All of our cleaning products and the spray that we use to clean the yoga mats is all natural, either homemade,or purchased in bulk that way we can refill containers we already have. All of these products are also chemical free and we choose to use more natural items like essential oils for scent
  • We carry local products and brands that are also conscious of their impact on the environment and even try and carry products to help in stepping towards a reduced waste lifestyle.
  • We do not sell bottled water and highly encourage students to bring their own reusable bottles to fill with our filtered water station and offer mason jars to those who may have forgotten their own.
  • We try and be as paperless as we can by emailing receipts instead of printing them.
  • We love seeing and supporting events from local organizations like The Fraser River Keepers, Surfrider Vancouver,The Chilliwack/Vedder Clean up society as well as other various groups and our very own Erika who is starting a Zero Waste store in the neighbourhood! You can follow along on her adventures and to ask advice from a great community here @zerowastefraservalley on instagram and the Zero Waste Fraser Valley Facebook group.

and last but not least! when you are feeling stuck or not sure what to do, turn to the 7 R’s. That’s right its no longer the standard 3!

  • Refuse what you don’t need and single use plastics
  • Reduce the amount of things you need to purchase
  • Reuse what you can
  • Recycle what you can not refuse, reduce,or reuse
  • Rehome what you no longer need
  • Replant and grow what you can
  • Rot and compost the rest

We hope you enjoy Earth Day and are able to make even a few of these small changes to impact and help with beautiful Place we are lucky enough to call home.

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