vinyasaVinyasa Yoga Video: A Practice

There is more than one translation for the term ‘vinyasa’. The one that resonates with me the most is that of “to place in a special way”. Practicing yoga in the vinyasa style is an opportunity to tap into the state of continuous, dynamic flux and flow of the universe.

Vinyasa yoga is a system of gradual progression of poses through breathing and calculated, purposeful movement; an intimate dance between the breath and the body- tethered to one another by the heart, if you will. A wise progression of poses weaves the practitioner into a steady stream of inspiration and takes him/her from a state of unconsciousness to that of consciousness.

Generally, no two classes are the same, and so the journey between the beginning and the end often differs wildly. Expect an adventure of some kind when you embark on a yoga class. At Studio B we offer both a general and intermediate/advance levels classes. Dip your toes into the vinyasa waters with the beginner level classes, or dive in a little deeper to explore stronger, more intricate postures and sequences with the intermediate vinyasa classes.

Namaste,  Christie





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