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Kids Yoga with Daisy @ Studio b Yoga & More
Sep 25 @ 3:00 pm – Nov 13 @ 3:45 pm
Kids Yoga with Daisy @ Studio b Yoga & More | Chilliwack | British Columbia | Canada
Kids Yoga is an introductory yoga class for children ages 5-8. Designed to be fun and playful. Daisy will guide your children through basic yoga, practice breathing techniques, crafts, games and introduced to meditation.  Children who practice yoga have seen benefits such as 
  • Improved balance 
  • Positive body awareness
  • Boosted confidence
  • More mindful and social development
  • Increased concentration
September 25th -November 13th / 8 weeks Wednesday’s 3:00- 3:45 $120.00
Pre-Teen Yoga with Dasiy @ Studio b Yoga & More
Sep 25 @ 4:00 pm – Nov 13 @ 4:45 pm

This program yoga is designed for tweens 9-12 who are interested in learning more about yoga and meditation. Over the 8 weeks, tweens will learn a basic yoga flow to take into their daily lives. We will practice breathing techniques, guided mediation, crafting and journaling and of course have fun!! 

Yoga has proven benefits from regular practice such as reduced stress and anxiety, flexibility and body awareness and improved concentration.

 *no experience required*

September 25th – November 13th / 8 weeks
Wednesday 4:00-4:45pm

Postpartum Yoga Series with Nicole @ Studio b Yoga & More
Oct 31 @ 11:45 am – Dec 12 @ 12:45 pm
Postpartum Yoga Series with Nicole @ Studio b Yoga & More | Chilliwack | British Columbia | Canada

Postpartum Yoga + Support

These classes are designed to nurture mom through the delicate 4th trimester, known as, the postpartum stage with a more conscious approach to healing after birth. Through awareness, patience, movement, breath and meditation, you will get the opportunity to safely rebuild strength & stamina, relieve physical & emotional tension, and restore your energy level in an environment that promotes self-care. 

Babies in the pre-crawling stage are welcomed with the opportunity to be included, however, emphasis is primarily placed on mom (because moms need it most).  Come and share your experience, connect and support one another in community as we celebrate motherhood.

Classes are relaxed, casual and social, where all of the babies at some point will cry, need to be fed, changed, and held and it’s all ok !!  Please feel free to bring anything that you need for you and your baby to feel comfortable.

No previous yoga experience necessary. Best suited for women as early as 4-6 weeks after giving birth. 

For Mothers with babies 6 months old and beyond or if your baby is now mobile, you may join Mom + Baby Yoga at 1pm

This series will help to:

  • Celebrate motherhood 
  • Create a new foundation for better wellness & health
  • Promote body positivity, release expectations and develop self-care practices
  • Restore mental & emotional balance (prevent/cope with postpartum depression)
  • Deepen the bond with your baby
  • Build a community of support and friendship with like minded women
  • Reduce fatigue and increase energy & vitality
  • Stabilize loose joints and ligaments (hormone relaxin is still present in the body)
  • Re-train & tone the abdominal wall and aid in closing separation
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent incontinence and prolapse
  • Realign the spine and improve posture
  • Relieve physical tension in the neck, shoulders and back (due to nursing and carrying your baby)


Thursdays at 11:45am – 12:45pm

Oct 31st – Nov 12th


$125 for 7 classes | pre registration is required*

$20 Drop In | if space permits 

*Please note: no refunds, make up classes, or carry overs*

Mom and Baby Yoga with Nicole @ Studio b Yoga & More
Oct 31 @ 1:00 pm – Dec 12 @ 2:00 pm
Mom and Baby Yoga with Nicole @ Studio b Yoga & More

Mom + Baby Yoga 

Moms need a place to go with their baby to move their bodies, breathe, connect and apply self-care. 

This series is designed for moms that have given their body, mind and heart, time to heal after birth and who’s babies have become mobile.
Classes build off of the self-care and healing focus of the Postpartum Yoga + Support series, however, will also help to build a little more strength and stamina and increase circulation and energy. 

You can expect to safely incorporate a little yoga flow movement and finish off with deep stretching and restful relaxation to provide balance the body and mind.

Focus is placed on mom (because moms need it most) with some opportunities to incorporate babies into the practice.  Classes are relaxed, casual and social, where all of the babies at some point cry, make sounds, crawl on other people’s mats and touch things, leave food crumbs on the floor and it’s all ok !!  Please feel free to bring anything (snacks, toys, etc) that you need for your baby. 


Thursdays at 1-2pm

Oct 31-Dec 12


$125 for 7 classes |pre registration is required*

$20 Drop In | if space permits 

*Please note: no refunds, make up classes, or carry overs


Prenatal Yoga & More Series with Nicole @ Studio b Yoga & More
Nov 1 @ 7:00 pm – Dec 13 @ 8:15 pm
Prenatal Yoga & More Series with Nicole @ Studio b Yoga & More | Chilliwack | British Columbia | Canada

Prenatal Yoga + Support

Nicole’s intention is to provide you with exceptional guidance and address your individual needs in a supportive setting where you can build a strong foundation, prepare for and celebrate your journey into motherhood.

With a holistic focus, Nicole, thoughtfully interweaves yoga, childbirth education and heart to support you throughout your pregnancy, and prepare you for birth and beyond. Her additional training in Fertility and Postpartum Yoga give her the expertise in keeping your entire journey in mind.

Classes will include breathwork, energy work, meditation, as well as, a variety of yoga styles ranging from gentle flowing movements, supported stretches, and long restorative holds. 

This is a great opportunity for you to experience the benefits of yoga, practice self-care, build confidence, self-awareness and connections with other women.

All trimester and fitness levels welcome and no previous yoga experience necessary.

This series will include:

  • discussion on anatomy, wellness and nutrition
  • developing mindfulness and greater mind/body awareness
  • therapeutic applications to relieve common pregnancy discomforts 
  • an understanding of the Pelvic Floor muscles and Transverse Abdominis (deep core muscles) and incorporating exercises to support your body in pregnancy and in postpartum
  • stress reduction and deep relaxation using guided meditation and breathing techniques
  • creating Sankalpa (a yoga word for setting an intention of the heart) for birth and motherhood
  • preparation of your body, mind and emotions for birth and motherhood by tuning you into your own innate birthing wisdom and intuition
  • addressing emotions and fears surrounding birth and helping you to build confidence and trust using affirmation
  • building connections with your baby and moms-to-be

Dates + Time:

Fridays at 7 to 815pm

Nov 1- Dec 13th


$125 for 7 classes |pre registration is required*

$20 Drop In | if space permits 


*Please note: no refunds, make up classes, or carry overs


Sacred Sisters Tea + Tarot @ Studio b Yoga & More
Nov 17 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Sacred Sisters Tea + Tarot @ Studio b Yoga & More

Sacred Sisters | Tea + Tarot

Sunday November 17th | 3-5pm

Intuition + Divination Cards

“Intuition is not about mind-reading or seeing the future in a crystal ball. It is also not a rare or exotic gift that is bestowed only on a selective few– it is a skill that can be learned, practiced and strengthened by anyone. One of the easiest and most reliable ways to access intuition is by using oracle & tarot cards” ~

Join sisters Nicole and Ananda, to explore tarot and oracle cards as a sacred self-practice for seeking answers, direction and guidance from within, and strengthening your intuition and self-awareness.

We will Explore:

  • How to use divination cards for self-practice
  • Tools for strengthening your intuition
  • Setting your intention
  • Oracle vs Tarot Cards
  • Best practices (care, cleanse, shuffling, storing)
  • Exploring spreads
  • Interpreting the messages
  • Recognize Symbols, Shapes, Numerology, Colours
*Feel free to bring your own deck if you have one, a journal or any other tools that help you to connect with your intuition

read about:


Nourish and Create Mala workshop with Laura @ Studio b Yoga & More
Dec 7 @ 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Nourish and Create Mala workshop with Laura @ Studio b Yoga & More

Nourish & Create

“Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.”
Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Come and refill your own cup at this busy time of year. Enjoy a nourishing one hour yin yoga class to release tension, The remaining time will be spent creating a Gemstone Mala Bracelet, as well as, a custom essential oil roller for yourself. We will be there to offer inspiration and as much support as you need to create a bracelet that is authentically yours and a choice of blends for making your roller. This can be used with the bracelet by adding a wood or lava bead which will be available or to just roll on.

Everyone Welcome! No experience necessary!

Includes 1 hour yin yoga class, take home gemstone Mala Bracelet and essential oil roller.
Extra bracelets can be made for $15 each if time permits

Saturday, December 7 2:00-4:30 pm

Early Bird $45 before Nov 28
Investment $50

Active Mobility with Kinesiologist Alex Domijan @ Studio b Yoga & More
Dec 8 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Active Mobility with Kinesiologist Alex Domijan @ Studio b Yoga & More

Alex is an experienced Kinesiologist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, as well as a Movement, Mobility, and Assessment Specialist who works at Intuitive Rehab Services here in Garrison Crossing. Alex’s Mobility Workshop will teach participants how to assess each of their own joints active mobility through a guided routine that can be added to your daily regiment. This guided routine will help to expand your knowledge base of Rehab, Flexibility, Mobility, and Strength Training. This workshop will focus on the core concepts of intent, control, tension, breathing, and isolation of each individual joint’s movement quality. By performing this routine, one will become educated about their movement quality and possess heightened awareness of the areas of their body that are lacking healthy function. After the guided self-assessment routine, the class will be lead through joint specific mobility training strategies to address the most common concerns of the group through education, group discussion, and true mobility training.

All ability levels will be able to join and perform in the workshop comfortably, and it is suitable for ages 9 and up. The intention of this workshop is to truly understand your own body through guided education of what our joints are designed to do. You can expect to learn how to assess your body, incorporate a daily routine to help expand your joint movement, optimize your body’s movement through intentional control, and create lasting changes to your body, through a daily routine and proper exercise selection for your specific joint capacity.

Sunday Dec. 8th from 11:30am-1:00pm
Early Bird $20 till Nov 30th, $25 thereafter

Meditation for Christians @ Studio b Yoga & More
Dec 14 @ 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Meditation for Christians @ Studio b Yoga & More

Christians May be conflicted about or have strong feelings towards meditation. A biblical perspective of meditation will be offered and a discussion of how biblical ideas differ from eastern perspectives. spiritual strongholds and protection will be discussed, as well the importance of prayer and how prayer differs from meditation. The concept of mindfulness will also be discussed. Students will be offered an opportunity to participate in two different biblical guided meditations.

This workshop is geared not only towards Christian students, their families and friends but also yoga teachers who want a better understanding of traditional Mosaic law in order to make classes for inclusive for students of Christian faith.

Dec 14th
$25 early bird until Dec 6th, $30 there after

Embody + Nourish Winter Solstice Gathering @ Studio b Yoga & More
Dec 21 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Embody + Nourish Winter Solstice Gathering @ Studio b Yoga & More
Embody + Nurture | Winter Solstice

Gather, Celebrate, Honour, Reflect, Feast

Gather as friends with Nicole and Erika to welcome in Winter and the Holidays in a more sacred way with Yoga, Ritual, Seasonal Wisdom, and a Celebratory Dinner.

The evening will include:

*An all levels grounding Yoga practice

*Celebrate Winter Solstice + Yule

*Guided Meditation + Seasonal Ritual

*Seasonal Wellness Discussion

*Share a nourishing seasonal meal prepared by RHN, Embodied Earth (please advise us of any medical food allergies)

***Please note that this will be an alcohol free event. We will be serving Kombucha, herbal tea and sparkling water.***


Saturday December 21st

5pm – 8pm


$85 +gst per person

no refunds

Only 20 spaces available

About the Facilitators:

*Erika Arnold ~ Registered Holistic Nutritionist, RYT, Founder of Embodied Earth + The Refillery

*Nicole Enns ~ Women’s Circle, Ceremony + Ritual, RYT, Reiki + Energetic Healing, Nurture your Nature


Yoga Chilliwack

We offer classes 7 days a week 6am-9pm, daily classes times and types will vary, check our live schedule.  Studio B Yoga Chilliwack offers a variety of styles of Yoga, as well as Pilates, Ballet Fit, Dance and Children’s Yoga and Dance.
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